NMREC Education Changes in 2017

 NMREC Rules Changes White Paper 

Effective: January 1, 2017

Continuing Education Hours: The number of hours required to renew a broker license will increase from 30 hours to 36 hours. Required courses include: (1) the 4-hour NMREC CORE Course to be completed annually for a total of 12 hours during each 3-year licensing cycle, (2) a 4-hour Core Elective course to be completed once during each 3-year licensing cycle, and (3) 4 hours of Ethics training to be completed during each 3-year licensing cycle (TOTAL = 20 of 36).

 Of the remaining credit hours, no more than 10 hours may be earned from approved training category courses. There is no limit on the number of hours that may be earned from approved education category courses; however, no more than 10 credit hours may be earned from any one course.

NMREC Mandatory 8-hour Course: No longer available after December 31, 2016. A broker who has completed the NMREC Mandatory Course during their current 3-year licensing cycle by December 31,2016 will not be subject to the CORE Course requirement until their next licensing cycle.

 CORE Course (4 hours): Replaces 8-hour NMREC Mandatory Course and will be required to be taken ANNUALLY. This course will be updated on an annual basis and each year's iteration of the Core Course will have a completely different course number. If a broker wishes to take the CORE Course in 2016, this course will be eligible for 4 CE credits toward license renewal even if the broker has taken the 8-hour NMREC Mandatory course OR will be eligible for the 2017 CORE Course requirement.

 Core Elective Courses (4 hours each): One Core Elective course will be required during each 3-year licensing cycle. Specialty courses include commercial, property management, vacant land/ranch, or residential. Course titles and course outlines that are currently designated as Core Electives can be viewed in the NMREC Catalogue of approved courses by clicking on the following link:  List of Approved  Courses

Ethics (4 hours): Four hours of Ethics training will be required during each 3-year licensing cycle. Four (4) hours of Ethics courses currently approved by the NMREC in both live and online formats that are listed in its Catalogue of Approved Courses available at the following link will be acceptable: List of Approved Courses NOTE: The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) requires a minimum of two (2) hours of ethics once every two years. The online NAR requirement is not sufficient to meet the four (4) hours required for licensing.

CE Credit for Attendance of Commission or Education Advisory Committee Meetings: Brokers have always been permitted to receive up to 4 CE credits during each licensing cycle for attending commission meetings, rule hearings, or disciplinary hearings. The new rule changes now offer the same CE credit for attending Education Advisory Committee meetings.

 New Broker Business Practices Course: New licensees under the mandate to complete the New Broker Business Practices Course within their first year of licensure will have the option to take the CCIM 101 course.

 Fingerprinting:  Must be completed no earlier than 21 days prior to submitting paperwork for initial licensure or renewal.